Our Story

Bella Choco Bella was founded in 2023. We are a small, Hoboken-based artisanal chocolatier, where you can always pick up a box of exquisite chocolates and a card to go with it for every occasion (by appointment only).

Each and every bar and bonbon is hand-painted, hand-piped, and crafted from the finest ingredients. We mostly use Belgian Callebaut couverture chocolate, but we are increasingly experimenting with our own bean-to-bar creations where we can explore unusual taste combinations and exotic flavors. All fillings, centers, and inclusions are sourced from the very best suppliers or grown locally and made from scratch in-house using quality ingredients. You can immediately taste the difference when you try them.

And this is WHY.....

A perfect gift for someone sophisticated, a foodie and an art lover? So you are going somewhere special, that exciting date,  dinner with friends or meet your future in-laws? What do you bring to someone you want to get to know or someone you already know well and love?   Congrats, you are in the right place for that, we will make it easy for you, a gift that shows your thoughtfulness, appreciation and, of course, your great taste.

With my unique set of skills, a European-trained designer with almost 20 years of fashion business experience overlapped with a not-so-mild obsession with chocolate, I decided to give it a go with Bella Choco Bella.  Our unique, hand-painted chocolates seem too pretty to eat yet actually taste ah-mazing.  How? No big secret here: we use only the best Belgian couverture chocolate and freshest and finest ingredients available in season blended into small batches of silky smooth ganaches, decadent caramels and perfectly roasted nut butters.

Oh, and who is Bella you ask?  It’s my beautiful and smart daughter who’s love for chocolate seems to be hereditary.  She is my partner in caloric crime and my toughest teen critic to-date.


                                                       xoxo Anya